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24/7 Maintenance and Monitoring

Let USA MedNet take care of your network with the latest, most advanced, monitoring and maintenance software. Your computers will run flawlessly due to the reporting features that are contained in our managed services package. We stay on top of your network, ensuring that it's not only always running, but that it's always operating at maximum efficiency.

Your computers will alert our server, which, in turn, will alert our technical staff to any issues, in most cases, before you even know that they exist. Through a series of preset thresholds, our server maintains constant monitoring and communication with each node on your network and reports each threshold that is reached. This way, many of your problems can be resolved before they become apparent to the end user. Also, USA MedNet's maintenance services will assist your office in maintaining current security patches, product updates, etc. Security updates are very important to the health of your network, and for those who must maintain HIPAA or other compliances, they are absolutely necessary.

From time to time, however, updates may be released that may have a negative impact on your network. For that reason, we test all updates in a lab environment, prior to pushing them out to your systems. Never worry about your network or individual computers again. Our software maintainslogs of your network traffic, system updates, and much more, allowing for a smooth efficient network, all without you having to do a thing!

Also, in today's world of viruses and malware, we can keep your network safe from technical errors and downtime, by utilizing our Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Protection, in conjunction with our Managed Services offerings.

And to streamline the communication of issues, we offer full support through our online ticketing system, allowing for the best and most-responsive customer care experience you will ever have.