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We offer the best selection of parts and components available

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We help you with the selection and installation of the ideal phone system for your business


Surveillance Systems

Closed circuit systems or IP based surveillance systems for easy remote viewing.

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Custom Products built specifically to your needs

Computer Components

USA MedNet Can provide you with a wide array of boards, hard drives, optical drives, video and sound cards, etc. Brand names, sizes and types are limitless. If you need it, we can get it. The best selection of parts and components available, at prices that'll make the very most out of your budget.

Custom-Built Workstations

Need machines built specifically for your applications? USAMedNet can build custom workstations to YOUR specifications, with all of the parts you need and none of the parts you don't. Have confidence in your PCs by knowing exactly what you are purchasing. USA MedNet uses only the best parts from Intel, Seagate and Kingston. Get maximum efficiency out of your IT investment with hardware tailor-made for your business.

Our partnerships with companies like Intel, Seagate, Kingston, and D-Link ensure that we can provide you with the newest and most reliable components on the market at prices that give you the most out of your budget. We can also leverage our partnership with Dell to provide Dell solutions if that is the best fit for your business.

Custom-Built Servers

One of the most important parts of your IT infrastructure is a properly configured server. As many software packages used in business today require very specific specifications, USAMedNet has been building servers that are tailor-made to these applications for over 15 years, Don't buy pre-built servers or servers made by companies that don't take your specific needs into account. Let us review your software specs so that you get everything you need and don't pay for what you don't. Whether you want to cut the fluff or need a powerhouse for less, USAMedNet will make your ideal server a reality for the greatest value you'll find on the market. Our primary server offerings are Intel based servers that use Seagate hard drives and Kingston memory. If specifications call for something that utilizes other technologies, we will provide any hardware configuration that may be needed. Our Intel servers carry a 3 year warranty. Other servers will be quoted with appropriate warranties. Our technician's attention to detail will give you an efficient, reliable configuration that will provide years of use for your office.

Telephone Systems

USA MedNet offers several competitively priced and easy to use telephone systems. Want to know if Voice Over IP is right for you? Discuss your needs with our telephony professionals. Whether you want an analog setup or a Voice Over IP (VOIP) system, USA MedNet will help you with the selection and installation of the ideal system for your business, without making a huge dent in your budget. Get the communication and value you need with USA MedNet.

Audio Systems

If you need office-wide audio/speaker systems, USA MedNet can help you plan and install the best system for your business quickly and cleanly. We'll help you in selecting a system, as well as mapping the placement of speakers for full coverage in your office. While some of our clients are looking for high quality sound, many of our medical clients are looking for music to serve the purpose of assisting with patient privacy by providing a barrier of music between exam areas and hallways where others may be passing. We can assist you in either type of installation. Let us know what your audio needs are.

Video Surveillance Systems

Closed circuit systems or IP based surveillance systems for easy remote viewing. DVRs are custom built to suit your needs. Whether you need high resolution or long term storage, we can create a system for you. Our DVRs carry a two year parts and labor warranty. We can assist you in configuring your system for remote viewing or arching to a physically secured hard drive.

Ergonomic Solutions

Our ergonomic configurations are limitless. Whether you want wall mounts, ceiling mounts, CPU or monitor mounts, we have the answer for you. Track mounted systems for mounting CPU, Keyboard, mouse and monitor are available in various configurations. We offer the best from ICW and Ergotron to name a few. Solutions for comfort and functionality.