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Off-site Backup - Things happen!

Be ready with off-site backup.

Utilizing the best in data center technology, USA MedNet offers off-site backups for your critical data. The world of backups has changed dramatically over the years from backing up to tape, to backing up to external hard drive, etc. But no solution is better than off-site backup.

Store a backup copy of your data where it is secure, protected, and accessible at all times. If you are still backing up to tape, I would encourage you to verify restorability on a regular basis, as many businesses have not realized that there backups were not working properly until it was too late.

Those who backup to hard drives locally, are not exempt from the same type of problems, though hard drives are a more reliable solution. But even with this solution, it is dependent on a number of things: a staff member dismounting and remounting a drive on a daily basis, the drive functioning properly and the data being accessible when restored. With our Off-Site Back Up service, you can rest easy knowing that your data is backed up, accessible, and secure.

If the size of your backups make restoring over the internet less than optimal, we can put our hands on your data in no time, allowing for local delivery or overnight delivery to our distant clients. Our backup solutions allow for speedy recovery from data loss and hardware/software related issues, allowing your network to get back into action even faster. Safe, speedy, secure; USA MedNet.

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